Dez Nado

Dez Nado – “Futuristic” (Radio Edit) from the upcoming album “LaDolceVita” (VIPSquad/Universal) RELEASE DATE: 2.14.16
**Available TODAY on iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, Amazon.com, and under the “Products” tab as a feature track on the FUTURISTIC EP

**Breaking: Wikipedia has added Dez Nado subsequent to the announcement of his 2016 Universal/VIPSquad album release (click to view)
Dez Nado

Rapper, Poet, Lyricist, Musician, Artist; all titles collectively constitute an accurate description of “Dez Nado”, an acronym for The D.efinition of E.ffort and Z.eal iN A.mbition and D.edication to O.pportunity.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dez Nado was introduced to rap at very young age. It’s 1998, Hip Hop had just lost its two biggest icons to ever bless a mic, and a young, 6th grade 11-year-old Dez Nado drops his first rhyme on wax with his older brother, his brother’s stereo tape recorder, and his two cousins from the birthplace of hip hop; New York, New York. Dez instantly fell in love with the art of rhyming, and even set out to record his own mixtape (actual “tapes” back then) and distribute it independently at his junior high school. Since then, Dez has honed his skills and become one of the most legit up-and-coming Florida artists in the game by studying his craft and mastering his art with the same independent passion and grind that he’s had since day 1!

He saw his first successes after high school as an independent artist; generating a fan base by plugging his own projects at local shops and hot spots, working part-time and attending school full-time splitting funds between books for class and studio time, as well as booking, promoting, and organizing his own shows by the age of 19 as a college freshman. Word of his ridiculous work ethic rapidly spread as one of Jacksonville’s premier rap websites (Duvalcountyluv.com) recognized him with the title of Jacksonville’s Grinder of the Week for several weeks between 2006-2009. Dez was at the peak of a three-year run of good fortune in 2009 when, after being recognized by Source Magazine executives at a local showcase as one of the city’s top 7 performers (out of over 50 competing), and winning the Duval Oscar Awards in 2008 for Performer of the Year and Rookie of the Year, he was shot after leaving a club in the chest, just inches from his heart. Dez used the opportunity to re-focus and change his message from self-destructive to self-productive, and made a promise to himself that he would never take another minute for granted. After he took a brief hiatus Dez quickly returned to the studio and dropped “No Hands”, which gained enough attention to land him a distribution deal for a follow-up album “No Hands 2” with KKR/Island/Def Jam in 2011. Dez began to break out of the local scene with the No Hands series and shine in bigger markets like Atlanta, Orlando, and Las Vegas (as evidenced by the feature interviews and fans calling in on his 2011 & 2012 projects “Freestyle Filez: Volume 1” and “Freestyle Filez: Volume 2“). To this day, Dez has made good on his promise to not take one minute for granted, going from inches away from dying to becoming one of Florida’s most promising rappers, a producer/studio engineer, self-started CEO, college graduate recently receiving his Master’s in Science degree, DJ of his own college radio show and radio programming specialist at the largest university in Florida. His name is much more than just a name; it has become something that he lives by.

Most Recently, Dez has added “promoter” to his long résumé; promoting, coordinating, and booking his own bi-monthly regional showcases and putting other independent artists on, creating his own avenues to build his brand (photos of past events up at www.whoisdeznado.com). Dez’s work ethic and growing popularity was recognized in summer 2014 outside of the Jacksonville market as he was nominated for a 2014 Georgia Music Award in the Hip Hop (Male) category for the second consecutive year. The awards ceremony is held annually at The Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Dez’s 2013 track “#DoSumn” , which features Kanye West and JANA MiziK, has also been featured in several online media outlets (links included in press clippings) since 2013, as well as his appearances on the All Star remix of YMCMB/Cash Money records artist T. Rone’s smash hit “Hello Love”, whom Dez also opened up for in April of 2013 at the YMCMB signing party at Roc Bar in Jacksonville, FL, which were some of Dez‘s first dealings with major artists. Following the momentum of these accomplishments, Dez was named “Next to Blow” by Music Connectz Mag, and one of 2013’s “Artists to Watch” by New York’s Underground Music Awards committee with his follow-up singles “STFU” and “Ride Tonight” getting radio play from California to the UK, Germany, and France. It’s no surprise that Dez’s 2013 compilation project, “#FLAsFinest”, has received over 100,000 plays and 3,500 downloads, let alone 900+ downloads during its first week on thatcrack.com. His buzz has lifted him to become one of the most talked about artists in the north Florida/south Georgia area, as evidenced by his winning of the title of 2014 Jacksonville Artist of the Year at the Duval Music Festival last month (DuvalHipHop.com – Void Live Magazine Write Up – http://voidlive.com/music/dez-nado-wins-artist-year-duval-music-festival/ ). This is a significant achievement that Dez has added to an already solid resume, which includes 2007’s Rookie & Performer of the Year (Jacksonville Underground Oscars), 2011 Album of the Summer (No Hands 2; Hip Hop Stardom Mag), 2013 & 2014 Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year (Georgia Music Awards), 2015 Mega Sum Fest (Hip Hop Stardom Mag) performer invitee, Official 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards weekend performer & official affiliate, and 2015 BMI Hip Hop/R&B Awards special invitee (invite-only; Saban Theatre – Los Angeles). He recently appeared on the local news in promotion of his latest project [full interview on main page of www.whoisdeznado.com], “VIPSquad All-Starz Volume 3” featuring Lola Monroe, Bruno Mars, and YMCMB’s Caskey, among others.

Currently, Dez is promoting his newest release: a rap compilation album, entitled “VIPSquad All-Starz Volume 3”, featuring collaborations and production/engineering from/with UK artist Master Shortie, YMCMB’s 212 Recording (Orlando) and Caskey, YMCMB artist T-Rone’s producer MgeeZy, and several up-and-coming Florida artists. The lead single “Swang My Way”, along with the follow-up singles “Futuristic” and “Got Mo” are available online via iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, and all other major online retailers. He’s coming off the biggest buzz he’s had in his career, thanks to the signing of a 52-week deal with regional Cable television network Bounce TV to air a one-of-a-kind documentary/reality-style TV show called “Life & Grind” that has aired every Saturday since August 1st at 8pm and will continue to air until Summer 2015 to an audience of over 3,500 households in the North Florida/South Georgia market (approximately 7,000 viewers per week; www.facebook.com/LifeGrindDuval). The show, negotiated, edited/produced, and partly filmed by Dez himself, is a smash hit after its first season and was the most watched TV Show on the regional network in Fall 2014 (add another title, “executive producer”, to Dez’s résumé). Building on the buzz and success from the TV Show, he plans to air season 3 in spring 2016 and branch out to regional markets like Dothan, Chattanooga, and Atlanta among others who have shown interest in the Life & Grind movement while touring surrounding markets in promotion of a new indie album entitled “LaDolceVita”, which he plans to release in the 1st quarter of 2016 and promote throughout 2016 specifically in those markets.

His music videos (KindaDed Music Video on Youtube), online TV shows (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vipsquadtv), along with his cable TV CW17/BounceTV Docu-reality series “Life & Grind” (self-produced) and thousands of plays/views/downloads recorded on his various sites have all become indicators of Dez Nado’s versatility, one-of-a-kind work ethic, and growing popularity. With a steady, unshakeable “grind state of mind”, Dez delivers from the smallest 16 bar verse to the full length LP. It’s becoming more and more clear, to more and more people, that he’s not just a threat, he’s a promise!



  1. Street Drop: No Hands (Mixtape – Hosted by Melle Mel) – July 2010 – Indie release – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 654 plays/downloads, 750 CDs distributed
  2. No Hands 1.5 (Mixtape – Hosted by Dez Nado) – February 2011 – Indie release – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 218 plays/downloads
  3. No Hands 2 (Album – MTV/Island/Def Jam/VIPSquad Ent) – April 2011 – KKR/Island/Def Jam (Digital Release; Currently MTV.com) – over 1,100 units sold, Vegas Life Radio Feature Album
  4. Freestyle Filez: Volume 1 (Mixtape – Hosted by Dez Nado) – May 2012 – Indie release – DatPiff Rating: 3 Stars; 332 plays/downloads, 500 CDs distributed – Album of the Summer 2011 (Hip Hop Stardom Magazine)
  5. Freestyle Filez: Volume 2 (Mixtape – Hosted by Dez Nado) – October 2012 – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 1,302 plays/downloads, 350 CDs distributed
  6. #FLAsFinest (Mixtape – Hosted by VIPSquad Entertainment) – June 2013 – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 93,330 plays/downloads | www.soundcloud.com/flasfinest
  7. NO HANDS: IRIE – (Mixtape – Hosted by Dez Nado, Bob Marley) – December 2013 – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 1,604 plays/downloads, 1,200 CDs distributed www.soundcloud.com/nohandsirie
  8. #FLAsFinest2 (Mixtape – Hosted by VIPSquad Entertainment) – July 2014 – Indie – DatPiff Rating: 3 Stars; 8,576 plays/downloads | www.soundcloud.com/flasfinest2
  9. VIPSquad All-Starz: The Album – Volume 3 – November 2014 – Indie ALBUM – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 1,724 plays/downloads | www.soundcloud.com/vipsquadas3
  10. Freestyle Filez: Volume 3 (Double Mixtape – Hosted by Dez Nado & VIPSquad DJs) – Sept 2015 – Indie – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 3,916 plays/downloads www.soundcloud.com/freestylefilez3
  11. Florida’s Finest 3 (Double Album – Hosted by Dez Nado & VIPSquad DJs) – Nov 2015 – DatPiff Rating: 5 Stars; 7,003 plays/downloads www.audiomack.com/artist/flasfinest3/



“Kindaded” appeared on Episodes 1, 2, and 9 of Life & Grind: Duval

Appeard as a cast member of Life & Grind: Duval, Season 1 – CW17/BounceTV August 2014-August 2015 (4,500 households)

Straight Rida (2007-2008) – 105.7 FM Jacksonville FL
Throw It Back (2008- Present) – 105.7 FM Jacksonville FL – 93.3 Jacksonville FL – 99.5 FM Washington, D.C. – (nationwide –> http://www.983kissfm.com/new2/artists/i/130144?psid=190979 // http://www.kyld.com/new2/artists/i/130144)
Check Out My Lean (2010) // I’m Paid Now (2011) – JACKSONVILLE FL – 93.3/97.9 FM

I’m Paid Now & Ride Tonight (2011/2012 – NO HANDS 2 Singles) played on:

  • Light It Up Radio – Edmonton, Canada
  • Simply Radio – Orlando, FL, USA
  • ADO 97.8 FM – Paris, France
  • Flava – Auckland, New Zealand
  • Vegas Life Radio – Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • MyRadioNetwork – Charleston, VA, USA

Hosted own 1 hour radio segment on A105 Radio (Atlanta) (KindaDed – 2013)

#DoSumn & STFU (2013 – Freestyle Filez 2 Singles) played on:

• Xsite Radio (Feb-April) Do Sumn
• Earbits Radio (Jan-Feb) STFU
• Jango/Radio Airplay (Feb-Current) gained 73 fans and 84 likes Do Sumn
• BBC – BBC London Introducing… (Feb-April) Do Sumn
• Hear Me Now Radio Do Sumn (Feb-April)
• Gud Tymez Show (LA) Do Sumn (Feb-Current) and Interview 2/27/13
• Organically Grown Radio STFU (March-Current)
• Big Music Radio (Mar-April) Do Sumn
• Assault Radio (Feb) DS
• War Stories Radio (Live 365) (Feb) DS
• 93.5 WTMB DS (Feb)
• Hot1079 hot1079.net (Feb) DS
• IOU Radio (Live 365) DS Feb-Mar
• NUVI Radio (L365 Feb-Mar) ds
• Rudeboy radio (L365 Feb ds)
• CHHL Radio l365 Feb-Mar ds
• QPower Radio l365 feb ds
• IMcradio.com l365 ds feb
• Talawa Radio l365 feb ds
• Indiemadmp3.com feb ds
• Thesoulof Iowa ds l365 feb
• Buss Radio l365 feb ds
• WESL sho me radio feb ds l365
• SD hip hop cali muzc Mar
• The Wave The Real 1 Mar
• DJ Sonny G Show Mar
• Top 40 hit release – Live365/National Online Radio Mar-May
• Po Politickin Mar
• DJ Peefunk Show Mar
Urban Beats Radio II – Mar-April


Windsor Square Dez Nado feature (Canada) http://www.windsorsquare.ca/2013/03/get-out-and-do-sumn/
Music Connectz Mag ?@TheMCmagazine
[Next to BLOW] – @DezNado Rapper, Poet, Lyricist, Musician, & Artist All in One http://goo.gl/fb/dWsmu
4/20 YMCMB/Cash Money Signing Party featured on First Coast News ABC 25/NBC 12 (Jacksonville, FL) http://events.firstcoastnews.com/T_Rone_Cellox5_Mr_Whitty_David_Frost_H_Boogie_Blue_Steel_Dez_Nado_David_Frost/272667856.html
Feature in Folio Magazine (Jacksonville, FL) http://www.folioweekly.com/April-17-23-Live-Music-Calendar,4225

“Reaching out to his fans, you can really feel Dez’s energy pouring out and it feels like he wants to party with the whole world till the break of dawn. This collaboration has to be one of Dez’s greatest accomplishments to date and it’s clear that he has been blessed with talent and that fame does not just come knocking at your door, you gotta DO SUMN! – Melissa Arditti, Vents Magazine

Placing a nice spin on the single, Dez Nado’s lyrics do remind me of Kanye West from the College Dropout and Late Registration albums. Influenced by many big rappers of the 90?s and early 2000?s and life around him, Dez Nado strives to stand out in the rap game for the long haul.” – Matt Bible, Mattbible.com

Magazine/Blog features – Feb/March 2013

“The hip-hop scene has been saturated over the past decade with artists who are clearly brilliant at their craft of rapping, but fail to create a memorable presence that shows the world who they really are. No doubt, Dez Nado’s acroynm: The D.efinition of E.ffort and Z.eal iN A.mbition and D.edication to O.pportunity. is a mouthful, but coming straight out of Jacksonville, Florida, he rightfully earns his title by not only perfecting his style as a lyricist/musician, but taking every opportunity he is given in life and turning it into something meaningful.

The highly-anticipated release of Dez’s new track “Do Sumn” features iconic superstar rapper Kanye West, alongside multi-talented singer/songrwriter Jana MiziK. The song has a lot of strong points, from flirtatious vocal call and answer formula with the sassy Jana to the fast guitar strumming accompanied with playful lyrical momentum. The party vibe can go all night long with this song. It has a whimsical nostalgia throwback to old skool rap of the early 90s which so many can appreciate, and Dez hits it out of the park with some wicked rapping skills to complement Kanye’s undeniable style that has gained a worldwide following.

Reaching out to his fans, you can really feel Dez’s energy pouring out and it feels like he wants to party with the whole world till the break of dawn. This collaboration has to be one of Dez’s greatest accomplishments to date and it’s clear that he has been blessed with talent and that fame does not just come knocking at your door, you gotta DO SUMN! Check out

Dez’s website: http://whoisdeznado.com/

by Melissa Arditti”

– See more at: http://ventsmagazine.com/do-sumn-by-dez-nado/#sthash.fSi5DXpy.dpuf

Dez Nado Intent On Waking Up The Hip-hop Industry Rising Star Releases “Do Sumn” Featuring Kanye West And Jana Mizik

Jacksonville, Florida (Top40 Charts/ Grit PR) Just two semesters away from getting his Master’s Degree in Mass Communication, and with three mixtapes and two albums under his belt, Hip Hop artist Dez Nado is poised to make his dreams a reality. After battling through some rough times, he is back with a new perspective on life and ready to drop his hot new single “Do Sumn,” which features iconic rapper Kanye West and JANA MiZiK.

“Do Sumn” is an older track, but with a brand new spin to it. As Dez says, it’s “one you can throw in ya CD player or pull up on ya computer and literally say ‘this sounds like absolutely nothing else out right now.'” Creative juices were flowing throughout the process of making the single, and everyone was completely on board, including Jana, who miraculously recorded her vocals in less than an hour. Although Kanye wasn’t present in the studio, the vibe was incredibly strong and the collaboration has truly set the bar high for Dez Nado in the Hip Hop community. “Regardless of distance, it’s clearly an honor to have him featured on the new track, states Dez.”

Going for a grassroots approach first, Dez wants to get the track out to the streets, hitting college, community, and Internet radio stations throughout the world with the goal of making the single an international hit. “Not everybody is going to like me or think I’m talented, but if they are real they will respect the grind, they will respect the hustle, and once I get that respect on a noteworthy level my mission will be accomplished because that means I earned it. Then it’ll be time for part two of the plan!”

Video production is in the works for the track, as Mastermind Productions has started the shoot in Florida. The concept behind the video is one that Dez calls “crazy, but in a good way.” If you actually listen to the song, you’ll see the video emerge in your imagination. The debut is aimed for Spring break, where excitement is at every turn for young people across the country.

For more information on Dez Nado and his new album, please visit: www.whoisdeznado.com

Urban Music Awards Committee Review March 2013

Our Talent Scout staff gave the song an evaluation rating of 8 out of a possible 10. It’s a good song. We feel that the music is industry Standard.

We were impressed with the writing skills, lyrical skills, cadence, delivery, rapping skills, production and flow on the song.

Hence, we would like to place the song on The Underground Music Awards Artist To Watch Music Sampler, which will be hosted by Jesse Jess, sponsored by Exclusiv Vodka.

September 2013

Appeared on 291 & Campbellton TV Show in Atlanta

Took over A-105 Atlanta Radio for an hour and did own show “VIPSquad Takeover Hour”

Released single “Kindaded” on iTunes, Amazon, online retailers
Music video for Kindaded
Music video featured on Internet Music Video database and other sites

Appeared on Gsnaps Radio – Las Vegas debuting Kindaded
Appeared on power 106 Los Angeles GudTymezRadioShow debuting KindaDed

December 2013

Cliche Magazine feature – “We loved the music and posted Dez’s Vid on our Blog and Cliche TV…..” – Wilson Greene, Cliché Magazine (22,000+ Likes FB)
RUNTV Champion Television feature (Freestyle) http://nealheart.com/ctv/run/s1/run1.html#.Usv_jQiWhMk.twitter

Power 106/Hot 89 Los Angeles/Las Vegas GudTymezRadio Awards Show Nominee for
Male Artist of the Year
Single of the Year “Kindaded”

January 2014

Duvalfest 2014 (Jacksonville, FL)
Top ten reverb nation charts week 52 2013, week 1 jan 2014, for Jacksonville FL region

Duvalhiphop.com January 2014 Video of the Month “Kindaded”

Feb-March 2014

Was a “focus character” and starring cast member of Jacksonville’s First and Only Reality TV Show, “Life & Grind: Duval” (Season 1; aired Fall 2014 on CW 17/Bounce Tv, yourjax.com)

May-July 2014

Created, booked, and coordinated Jacksonville’s largest independent Spring and Summer annual concerts, Duval Spring Fest 2014 and Duval Unity Summer Fest 2014

August-October 2014

Dez’s show “Life & Grind: Duval” Season 1 airs and achieves #1 ranking for new programs in Fall 2014 on the Jacksonville network; Dez lands official sponsorship from Clique Vodka/Premier Innovations Group (Pittsburgh) for the show

December 2014

Off the success of the reality TV show, Clique Vodka/Premier Innovations Group extends their sponsorship for another year and grants marketing/distribution rights to VIPSquad Entertainment (Dez’s independent label) for the entire region of Florida/Georgia

“Life & Grind: Duval” Season 1 picked up for additional airing on a second TV channel; local channel 18.1/Mee Mee TV Jax ( Mee Mee TV – Jax Homepage )

Dez Nado officially named a Rude Boy Clothing artist; International Magazine Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine and Clothing Line Rude Boy Clothing officially offers Dez Nado and “Life & Grind: Duval” a clothing sponsorship (www.rudeboymag.com)

Jan-Feb 2015

Featured in Void Magazine/Void Live for winning 2014 Artist of the Year http://voidlive.com/music/dez-nado-wins-artist-year-duval-music-festival/

Awarded DuvalHipHop.com’s title of 2014 ARTIST OF THE YEAR

Jacksonville, Florida— Jacksonville-based rapper Dez Nado notched another big win in his rapidly growing belt of successes this past Saturday night as DuvalHipHop.com awarded him the much coveted title of “2014 Artist of the Year”. The award, given to Dez during the Duval Star Awards ceremony at the 4th Annual Duval Music Festival at 1904 Music Hall in downtown Jacksonville, comes amidst an undeniable rise in buzz and regional notoriety for the rapper since he independently launched and produced Jacksonville’s first and only reality TV series “Life & Grind: Duval”, which airs locally on Comcast channel 225 (Bounce) every Saturday at 8pm EST.

Dez says he’s “learned a lot” since he won his first local, music-related awards in 2008 for Performer of the Year and Rookie of the Year:

“I’m not big on awards, but it means a lot to be recognized for all the work you put in,” the rapper remarked, “It’s motivation, and validation to keep the grind up…work harder and see what else you can push yourself to achieve…”

While Dez Nado (www.whoisdeznado.com) is becoming known for his work ethic and his grind, he didn’t deny spending a little time celebrating at the awards show in his hometown after receiving the award Saturday night. The celebration was definitely deserved, as he won with over a third of the total votes received in a competitive group that included artists signed to both major and independent record labels.

Sticking to his promise to push himself to the next level and see what else he can achieve, Dez Nado is staying busy in 2015 with several projects, including Season 2 of his Clique Vodka-sponsored cable TV reality series “Life & Grind: Duval”, which premieres Saturday March 7th at 8pm EST on Comcast channel 225 (Bounce), along with the incorporation of his own independent record label “VIPSquad Entertainment” in March, hosting of several parties and showcases for his Life & Grind movement during Jacksonville’s One Spark festival in April (250,000+ attendees expected this year), and hosting and performing in his Duval Spring Fest 2015 ( https://www.facebook.com/events/1412900665674605 ) concert, his own creation that has become North Florida/South Georgia’s biggest independent annual spring concert. If you’re just picking up on the moves Dez is making and the spectacle going on in north Florida, you’re late. We’re definitely staying tuned to see what’s next to come out of Duval county from him and his movement.

March 2015

Commentary featured on International Political website DailyCaller.com

Featured as an Official Rude Boy Clothing sponsored artist in international publication Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine (via @RudeBoyAsia)

April-November 2015

Appeared on ABC25/NBC12 daytime television show “The Chat” in promotion of his 2014 album “VIPSquad All-Starz” (Full Interview viewable on homepage @ www.whoisdeznado.com)

Dez Nado featured on ABC25/NBC12 TV Show

Duval Spring Fest 2015 & Summer Fest 2015 host and performer (featured on jacksonville.com, Florida Times-Union, VOID Magazine, First Coast News, Folio Weekly, and more)


Dez Nado feature in Folio Weekly

2015 Mega Sum Fest (Hip Hop Stardom Mag) performer invitee

2015 BMI Hip Hop/R&B Awards special invitee (invite-only; Saban Theatre – Los Angeles)

Freestyle Filez 3 (mixtape host) release – www.soundcloud.com/freestylefilez3

VIPSquad Entertainment presents #FreestyleFilez3 – a collection of exclusive and VERY rare freestyles from the hottest major and independent lyricists of all time spanning 20 years of hip hop, specially mixed and cut by up-and-coming VIPSquad DJs (Full FREE download @ www.whoisdeznado.com )

Florida’s Finest 3 (mixtape host and feature artist) release – www.soundcloud.com/flasfinest3FULL Free .zip MediaFire download HERE

VIPSquad Ent presents #FLAsFinest3 the only mixtape bringing you the hottest all-genre indie and major music from Florida artists/bands — soundcloud.com/flasfinest3 | whoisdeznado.com for FULL free .zip download | vipsquadent@gmail.com for inquiries mixed by VIPSquad DJs Hosted by @deznado

Official 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards weekend performer (Hood Critic Magazine Feature: http://hoodcriticmagazine.com/2015/10/07/meet-up-and-coming-indie-hip-hopreggae-artist-dez-nado/

Orlando, FL

Indie up-and-coming hip hop/reggae artist Dez Nado announced earlier today that he was one of the few artists selected to perform at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards. The event is held annually at the Atlanta Civic Center in midtown Atlanta and is part of a full weekend of highly publicized events collectively regarded as the “Super Bowl” of hip hop. Past Hip Hop Awards performers have included several big names in the hip hop world such as Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Outkast, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Eminem, and more major artists as well as rising independent artists who are gaining the industry’s attention. Dez Nado is the first and only indie rap artist from Florida to be selected to perform at the Awards, which will be hosted by hip hop legend Snoop Dogg and televised nationally on the BET Network Tuesday, October 13th at 8pm EST.

The BET Hip Hop Awards has become a staple event not only to the hip hop community here in the U.S. but to international music industry executives, artists, and fans throughout the world. The Awards event regularly gives several rising independent stars a chance to shine in the national spotlight between the performances of A-listers like J Cole, Drake, and Atlanta’s own breakout star Future. Dez said that he felt “blessed” and is looking forward to representing the state of Florida this year during BET’s famed Red Carpet Experience, which is one of the aforementioned segments that will be filmed and televised as the stars arrive at the Awards. The local rapper neither confirmed nor denied the rumor that being selected to perform at such a premier, red carpet event like the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards means he’s close to inking a deal with a major label, stating that “right now anything can happen, [the independent artists selected] are competing for a chance to achieve a dream in front of the people with the power to make that happen”.

Dez, who graduated from UCF in 2013, is most known in central/north Florida for producing and starring in his own locally airing, cable reality TV series “Life & Grind” (airs Sundays at 8pm on the Bounce network). He remarked that he felt “slightly nervous, but confident and relieved” when he first heard the news.

“A year ago, I was just starting a new TV show to showcase the talent here in town, like myself, that very few people even know about, now I’m performing on national TV at the Hip Hop Awards”, he commented.

Benefitting from a noteworthy buzz that more and more people are picking up on, Dez Nado gave credit to the supporters of his TV program, “Life & Grind”, which highlights independent musicians and entertainers and gives viewers a firsthand look into their daily efforts to “make it big”. Support for Dez’s movement is evidenced by his recent accomplishments, including being named 2014 Artist of the Year over other artists like YMCMB’s T-Rone, and heavy hitter Swordz by Jacksonville’s hip hop music hub duvalhiphop.com, being nominated twice (2013 & 2014) for Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the Georgia Music Awards, and being featured on daytime television show “The Chat” (ABC25/NBC12; viewable at www.whoisdeznado.com) following the success of his TV show becoming the most watched new program on the Bounce network for Fall 2014.

Currently working on an independent project featuring Lola Monroe of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, Caskey of YMCMB, and Super Bowl XLVIII halftime performer Bruno Mars, Dez stated that he intends to take full advantage of the opportunity to perform in front of the industry’s heavyweights as well as a national television audience, with the ultimate goal being to “put central and north Florida on the map” in the often overlooked and under-appreciated genre of indie hip hop.

For info on the Awards, passes to attend, or info on Dez Nado, please contact VIPSquad Entertainment at vipsquadent@gmail.com, or visit his website www.whoisdeznado.com and/or www.facebook.com/deznado, or contact manager J Scott at 904-651-7960. Season 1 and 2 of “Life & Grind” can be viewed at www.youtube.com/LifeGrindDuval

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