WhoIsDezNado.com Re-Launch!!!


What’s good VIPSquad Nation! Life & Grinders, VIPSquaders, good music lovers worldwide, I’m proud to introduce the new & improved WhoIsDezNado.com! The new site is packed with features that will help me help you fall in love with GOOD INDIE MUSIC again lol.. Much love and sincere appreciation goes out to everybody’s who’s been riding with me and VIPSquad from the start, now in case you haven’t heard, we’re taking it to the next level. Life & Grind Season 3 premieres Sunday Jan 3, and on that same day pre-release orders for my brand new album LADOLCEVITA start officially on this site in the ALL-NEW WhoIsDezNado.com STORE!! Indies stand up! Stay tuned ppl, salute VIPSquad Ent. Leggooo

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